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How do EPEAT-registered electronics stack up against conventional products?

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EPEAT®-registered products meet strict environmental criteria that take into account the full product lifecycle, from energy conservation and toxic materials to product longevity and end-of-life management. Purchasing EPEAT-registered products is a simple and effective way to greatly reduce your environmental impact.

Take a look at this example:

100% of the computers and displays purchased last year by a nationwide healthcare organization purchased were registered EPEAT Gold. This organization purchased 24,300 notebooks,

  • 24,328 EPEAT Gold Notebooks
  • 70,052 EPEAT Gold Displays
  • 67,273 EPEAT Gold Desktop Computers

Measureable Benefits for the Environment

Over their lifetime, compared to products that do not meet EPEAT criteria, these 162,653 computers and displays will:

  • Reduce use of primary materials by 17,77 million kg, equivalent to the weight of 490 tractor-trailer 18-wheeler trucks
  • Reduce use of toxic materials by 1.13 kg, including enough mercury to fill 1,574 mercury fever thermometers
  • Avoid the disposal of 12,471 kg of hazardous waste, equivalent to the weight of 979 refrigerators
  • Eliminate the equivalent of more than 301 U.S. households’ annual solid waste—503,703 kg

Energy-Related Savings

EPEAT’s requirement that registered products meet the latest ENERGY STAR specifications means these products will consume less energy throughout their useful life, resulting in:

  • Savings of over 38.9 million kWh of electricity—enough to power 3,048 U.S. homes for a year
  • Avoidance of more than 64 metric tons of water pollutant emissions
  • Reduction of nearly 6.5 million kg of greenhouse gas emissions— equivalent to taking  than 4,646 average U.S. passenger cars off the road for a year

These lifecycle benefits and others are calculated using the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator, developed under a grant from the U.S. EPA. The Calculator is available near the bottom of this EPA webpage.

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What could your environmental benefits look like?